About Food Pantry Manager

FPM is a web based suite of tools that are designed to help local food pantry managers and operators to be more efficient and effective in the daily operation of their pantry. Because hunger and homelessness has become a growing reality in our culture it has increased the need for sustainable local food pantries and soup kitchens to help those who are in need. The demands of record keeping and coordinating volunteer and staff, can be overwhelming and will often detract from the other tasks necessary to keep an organization running. FPM is dedicated to creating useful and affordable tools that will make the administrative aspects of any local pantry, easier and more efficient. We have built our system with non-profit organizations in mind, and believe that local budget limitations should not restrict an organizations ability to have access to the best tools available to help them manage their operation.

Any Food Pantry, Soup Kitchen or Food Bank would benefit from using FPM as part of its daily operation. Managers and staff of pantries are using the FPM system to help alleviate the daily management of their operation. FPM is designed with the end user in mind and makes the process of record keeping and reporting one that is easy and accurate.

Food Pantry Manager offers:

Securely Accessed Data From Anywhere: Because Food Pantry Manager is an online tool all you need to know is your username and password to access your pantry data from any computer, at any time, and because FPM uses the most current security standards you can be sure your data is always safe.

Paperless Data Management: With FPM you never have to worry about losing your documents in a disaster, or keeping up with pen and paper all day. Everything in FPM is in one easy to use tool and can be accessed with the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited User Accounts: Use FPM to set up unique user accounts for all your volunteers with specific levels of access. Unlimited accounts, No extra fees.

One click reporting: Each account comes with three standard reports and the ability to add your own customized reports so you always have access to the data you need at the click of a button.

Inventory Tracking: FPM provides a simple and effective inventory tracker so you never have to wonder where the food went, you can also click on client records to see what foods they have received from you.

Secure Client Data Storage: All your client's data is in one place and you can securely access from anywhere in the world.

Scheduling: FPM offers appointment and volunteer scheduling all in an easy to view calendar so you can always see who is doing what.

Document Management: Upload all your pantry documents to one easy to use place so you never have to go digging for papers again

Financial Information Tracking: Track all your pantries donations & expenses through the FPM system.

Cost Effective Pricing: Food Pantry Manager was created by food pantry volunteers with other pantries in mind, so we know cost is a big deal, that’s why we made FPM affordable for everyone. View our pricing here

24/7 Support: At FPM we take support seriously, you will never go to a machine, and we will always answer issues within 24 hours.

Custom Development: We are always looking for ways to improve FPM, so if there is something missing let us know! We are here to make your life easier.